Macchiavelli S.r.l.

Web site, coordinated image, BtoB flyer, logos and product packaging

The company mission of Macchiavelli S.r.l. has its roots on the principles of quality and innovation, according to which the enterprise dedicates focused investments to create coffee capsules with highly qualified techincal properties.

Comunicattive has curated for many years now their brand identity, translating the values of transparency, innovation and technology into a sharp, essential and contemporary communicative style.

For Macchiavelli S.r.l., Comunicattive curated the brand’s graphic concept, designed and created the new website, designed products logos, BtoB flyers, the product packaging and all of the communication tools needed for the brand.

Comunicattive also curates the artistic direction of the photo shootings of the products, that are produced by Francesco Ridolfi and Raffaele Montillo’s photo studio.