Coordinated image restyling and web site, press office


Dermaplast Studio, located in via Ugo Bassi, in the very center of Bologna,  is the studio of two professionals of dermatology, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Doctor Valentina Antonucci has worked for years now on the diagnosis and the care of skin, hair and nail pathologies. Doctor Ivano Iozzo dedicated his professional life to the aesthetic improvements, including innovative methods that are more and more well controlled, like the Soft Botulinum Toxin.

Dermaplast Studio is a prestigious studio that offers two distinct professional figures who often work together, a medium-high target and a great care on reliability and safety.

Comunicattive redesigned the coordinated image of the two physicians, from the logo to the headed paper, from the brochure to all of the tools for the clinical interface with the patient (appointment notebook, medical reports, document holders), trying to give elegance and clarity to the shapes and an immediate link between the two professional figures.

We also redesigned the two web sites and, both with regards to graphics and contents, moving on to a strategy of consolidation and extention of the target, that included social network activity, a press office for Dr Iozzo and specific promotions via newsletter for Dr Antonucci.