Berberè Turin

Launch, interior design and corporate identity

The fourth Berberè venue opened inside the huge Binaria Complex, the Nuovo Centro Commensale from Gruppo Abele. As usual, we approched the settings and the communication through a collaboration between various professionals: the open kitchen at the far edge of the room is illuminated by the neons and the lamps that the architect Giambattista Ghersi retrived from the factory that occupied the premises before; the creative project, the communication and the settings, since the beginnings of Berberè signed by Comunicattive, are full of color and contemporary hints; the artistic works were made ad hoc by TO/LET and Andrea Bruno.
In the launch of the fourth Berberè venue we Comunicattive also curated the opening (event management office), the press office, the web and social networks promotion.
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Berberè‘s audience enjoys a complete, funny, healthy and affordable food experience. Berberè’s mission is to eat craft pizzas that taste delicious and are served with great care in beautiful venues. That’s why the location setting is one of the main elements in the concept. The clientele enters a place that is strongly characterized: every Berberè venue has its own personality, even if in all of them you can find recurring key elements such as pop colors, minimal design, artistic wall paintings and storytelling, conceived each time on a site specific basis.

In Turin we worked further on the identifying elements of Berberè, reinforcing the contrast between the huge open space premises of an old Fiat satellite factory from the 80s and the playful vibrant pop colors, alternating solid color and patterned backgrounds, and stright-forward and at the same time ironical massages.
The set-up of the walls is basically divided into two different parts: the one near the kitchen and the one at the reception / entrance of the venue. In the first, essential and functional, designed by architect Ghersi from Rizoma studio, color takes over. The second is characterized by two big wall pantings by TO/LET and Andrea Bruno.
The area of the kitchen is the kingdom of pizza, this is why we hanged on the walls pop posters where we tell the key concepts of Berberè’s pizza through graphics, drawings and color. On the left side, the wall more visible, we opted for a patterned wallpaper with softer tones where the line ” berberè/pizzeria” stands out clearly visible from everywhere in the venue — remember that Berberè is located inside a polyfunctional environment, where various entities live together, both commercial and non-commercial. The walls, the columns, the indentations and the thicknesses were designed and used as a coloring paper to paint on with solid colors. The whole structure is the articulated coming together of solid colored shapes that create a bright, fulfilling, warm and cosy ambient.

We also selected the furniture, that, in contrast with the main setting, is linear and essential: light grey Formica tables that vaguely remind school tables, “social” large natural pinewood tables. The colors come back here through the lemon yellow, black, ice grey, aquamarine chairs.