Art for art’s shake

The contamination of space.

Art for Art’s Shake was the first all-female art event in the setting of Arte Fiera (Art Fair) Off Bologna. Conceived and designed in 2006 by a network of artistic and cultural entities of the city, entirely animated by women — the association and communication agency Comunicattive, the project room Orfeo Hotel contemporary art project, the gallery and the art service Agenzia04 — this event was developped over 4 editions, until 2009.

Art for Art’s Shake was a collective exhibition that showcased site-specific works of different kinds — painting, sculpture, photography, video, installations — by Italian and international, newcomers and already established, artists. The aim of the project was to promote female talent, to give space and visibility to the plurality and diversity of languages, feelings and points of view that women express in their artistic research.

The exhibition was staged every year at a different location, in order to endorse lesser known spaces of the city, focusing on the conceptual slippage between public and private space (a eighteenth-century palace, a never consecrated monastery, a medieval tower, the Museo della Musica).

Alongside the exhibition, Comunicattive curated each year a calendar of collateral performance events — music, dance, theater — which intersected and “animated” the spaces of the exhibitions.